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Jason Prigge Fine Art Sunrise



Exhibit dates

Opens September 7, 2021.
Exhibit runs through December 31, 2021.

Gallery open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-4pm or
By appointment: 920-645-5434

Jason Prigge Fine Art

Featuring the recent fine art works of artist Jason Prigge.

Coolest Coast® Gallery

621 York Street (7th Street entry)
Manitowoc, Wisconsin


Jason Prigge

Wisconsin native Jason Prigge has been drawing and painting from life for as long as he can remember.  Growing up on the shores of Lake Michigan he discovered early on the beauties of the ever-changing Midwest atmosphere. After high school he ventured to the Pacific Northwest which only enhanced and heightened his sensitivity towards the landscape and the art of painting on location. After traveling the country, Prigge finally settled in the same place he started from, the shores of Lake Michigan. “The art of seeing is the constant goal,” artist Prigge commented. “To refine my sight into pure emotion evidenced through brushmanship and color, that is my goal. I want to share the experience and magic that I see on the Coolest Coast.”

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