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Dr. Linboom, Aurora Health

COTC – Dr. Elmer Linboom of Aurora Explains Virtual Video Visits

In this special episode of Coffee on the Coast, Dr. Elmer Linboom, Family Practitioner with Advocate Aurora Health, explains the new primary care Virtual Video Visit option. Watch the video. For more information about Virtual Video Visits, visit the link below. Also, check out the Health + Wellness page on sponsored by Aurora.

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Coffee on the Coast - Live Forever Project

Coffee on the Coast: Live Forever Project

Colleen and Trent tell us about the creative collaboration that is the Live Forever Project. The mission is to keep memories of live using the power of the Arts. Interview the wisdom keepers of the community and turn their stories into various art forms. Poetry, theater, dance, music and songwriting, storytelling integrated into a production.

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Black Lives Matter Conversation

Black Lives Matter with Kevin Sievert

It’s an emotional time, and an important time to have honest and thoughtful dialogue to understand in a meaningful way the relevance and importance of Black Lives Matter. Kevin Sievert sat down with Tina Prigge to unpack what’s happening and to acknowledge that the first step to making a change is understanding and not staying

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