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Heart-A-Rama – Comedy for a Good Cause

Heart-A-Rama is an incredible local event that blends vaudeville/Satruday Night Live style comedy to raise funds for the American Heart Association. Currently in its 49th year, Heart-A-Rama has raised $2.8 million. Staged and staffed by hundreds of volunteers the evening event features the comedic antics of local performers, live music, food and beverages and plenty of surprises. Each night, a toilet seat created by an artist and signed by the entire crew is auctioned off. Usually held the first 2 weekends in May.

2019 Theme: Heart-A-Rama Goes Country

“Thank you so much for your awesome video depiction of Heart-A-Rama.  Seeing how many views it had, I have to believe that your efforts helped us fill some seats this weekend (and we were pretty full!)!  I’m so glad you were willing to take this on and promote this great cause!” –Jim, Producer

“Thanks again for the awesome job Coolest Coast did with HAR!! I’ve been involved since 1996, and heard from people so many times and said myself so many times. “You just can’t explain what HAR is even after you go to a show.”  Well, Coolest Coast was definitely able to do that!!  I am thoroughly impressed with the professional job you did!” – Karen

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