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Manitowoc Symphony Orchestra

Manitowoc is the smallest U.S. city to have its own symphony orchestra. The Manitowoc Symphony Orchestra (MSO) has been sharing performances on the Coolest Coast since 1951. Classical music is powerful—it can soothe, energize, entertain and improve your well-being.Classical music is for everyone.

MSO has partnered with Manitowoc Public School District (MPSD) to offer a music-in-the-schools artist residency. Musicians from MSO work with MPSD middle school students, in their classroom, all year long. They perform for the learners, demonstrate for the learners, provide mentorship, offer supplementary instruction, and help instill the transferable skills learned in music.

The data is overwhelming. Participate in music ensembles in school and your test scores are higher, language and reasoning is more developed, coordination is strengthened, engagement in school is enhanced, empathy towards other cultures is increased, pattern recognition is improved, imagination and intellectual curiosity is heightened, sense of teamwork is deepened, discipline is stronger. MSO musicians Carrie Kulas, violin; Jane Finch, viola; Michael Dewhirst, cello form the trio and work with MPSD music teachers Monica Hrudik and Tony Bauer.

Holy Family Conservatory of Music

The Holy Family Conservatory of Music (located with the Franciscan Center for Music Education & Performance) has been providing music education on the Coolest Coast since 1925 and maintains a proud tradition and high standards for music education. The highly skilled Conservatory music instructors are dedicated professionals.

The Conservatory offers beginner Group Classes for handbells, piano, violin, percussion, ukulele and guitar. Private Lessons are provided for piano, violin, viola, harp, guitar, ukulele, percussion, voice, and wind instruments. Music Ensembles at the Conservatory include Handbells, String Ensemble, Children’s Choir and an Adult Conservatory Chorale. Young TOTS enjoy learning through the Music for Tots™ program. This program begins with babies 6 months and includes children up to 5 years old.

Kindermusik for Ages 0-7

Powerful learning through musical play. Research based music and movement curricula, classes and more to supercharge the early development of the littles in our lives on the Coolest Coast. 

Coolest Coast Attractions

Holy Family Conservatory of Music
Students play music on stage
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