Coolest Coast®

The Doggy Diaries

     When I woke up this morning, I knew that the day ahead on the Coolest Coast was going to be great! As I laid in the lap of my owner last night, I heard them telling me about all the plans ahead of us. 

     As we walked out the house and into town, I thought about how our morning would start. Was today going to involve a practice round at one of the obstacle courses at Halversen Park or Indian Creek park? If I was lucky, I would be able to cross paths with a homemade treat from The Silver Lake Country Store!

     But I knew my owner had made the right choice for the two of us: we were headed to Paws n Play! As we strolled towards the park, I took in the sight of seagulls and the scent of a fresh morning breeze coming off the lake. As soon as we were in the gate, I was off! I ran laps around the park, meeting other dogs, while my owner took in the sights of the lighthouse and the sun glinting off the water. Even a sailboat sailed by and at noon the Lake Michigan Carferry, SS Badger, sailed into port! The trees and benches meant that we were both able to take a rest whenever we started to get tired. Once I had all my zoomies out, we cleaned up using the provided plastic bags and garbage can, and we were on our way! But before we could leave, I realized I couldn’t go to the lake without getting in the water!

     We headed down to the dog-friendly beach by the Paws n Play park, where I was able to get right into the water. My owner opted to stay on the warm sands of the beach, and instead found a piece of driftwood so that we could play fetch! After many rounds of fetch and plenty of splashing around, I was totally pooped out. I rehydrated at the nearby restroom pavilion, where there was a drinking fountain made specifically for me and other furry friends!

     My owner and I decided that it was time to eat! As we traveled towards the courthouse building, I made sure to inspect the doggy drinking fountain by the 8th Street bridge, and I’ll have you know that it exceeded my highest expectations. As we continued onwards, I realized we were headed towards the Courthouse Pub!

     As we made our way to the terrace and were directed to a table, I truly felt like royalty! Being able to be with my owner as they ate (and getting a bite or two of my own with a little bit of begging…) felt so special, and I was so happy to have spent the day together. After dinner, we took in the sights of downtown Manitowoc over a serving of the Courthouse Pub’s famous cheese curds, and watched as the sun lowered behind the buildings.

     That night, as I snuggled down into my bed, I thought about the feeling of sand beneath my paws, seagulls I had chased, and the memories I had made. As I drifted off to sleep, I realized that the Coolest Coast was truly a pup’s place to be!

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