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Coolest Coast® is a community engagement platform created to promote the wonderful assets and welcoming charm of this area of the world.

We recently received a message of thanks from a family in North Carolina who was considering a relocation for a job, “Thank you for your wonderful organization that you have created in Manitowoc, the Coolest Coast. We thought about Michigan and Green Bay, but then we discovered the Coolest Coast and have watched video after video of what the Manitowoc area has to offer. We decided before even seeing the area in person that Manitowoc/Two Rivers is where we want to move to and raise our family. Again, thank you so much for all you are doing for the community. You are reaching far and wide to bring people to the area. We’re moving from the beautiful beaches of North Carolina to the beautiful beaches of Lake Michigan, and you’ve already helped us make the area feel like home.”

Sunrise Sculpture at Lake Michigan jetty

We invite you to enjoy navigating the exciting and informative content across this site, and exploring the adventures that await you on the Coolest Coast. 

Jason Prigge Bouquet of Flowers
Tina Prigge bouquet

The Coolest Coast was started and financed in 2018 by Jason and Tina Prigge of Vagabond Creative Studio for the purpose of positively promoting the lakeshore area and embracing positive self-talk. 

For highlighting Manitowoc County through Coolest Coast, Jason and Tina Prigge were recognized as Manitowoc’s 2019 People of the Year by The Herald Times Reporter, and as the Progress Lakeshore 2020 Economic Accelerators of the Year. 

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We have many opportunities to promote your business or organization across the Coolest Coast platforms. Join us and we can promote this amazing community together. 

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Child eats ice cream cone at Big Cow
Coolest Coast is Here Geographic Map

Coolest Coast is representative of the communities of Manitowoc, Sheboygan and Kewaunee Counties, including the Port Cities of Manitowoc and Two Rivers.

Learn more about the Cool People, Cool Things and Cool Communities of the Coolest Coast by exploring the links above.

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