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Manitowoc County Map with Rivers for Kayak

Ice Age Trail – Manitowoc Segment

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Ice Age Trail – Dunes Segment

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Ice Age Trail – Two Rivers Segment

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Ice Age Trail – Point Beach Segment

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Silver Lake Park

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Lower Henry Schuette Park

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Manitou Park

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Manitowoc Marina

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Mariners Trail

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Rawley Point Trail

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Cherney Maribel Mountain Bike Trail

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Devil’s River State Trail

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Woodland Dunes Nature Center Trails

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Point Beach State Forest

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Twin Rivers Water Trails

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Ice Age Trail
1a. City of Manitowoc Segment

Lower Henry Schuette Park
3800 Broadway St.

(7.5 miles)

This urban segment highlights the city of Manitowoc and its rich maritime history and includes a lengthy stretch along the shores of Lake Michigan on the paved Mariners Trail.

1b. Dunes Segment

5000 Memorial Drive
Two Rivers

(2.7 miles)

This segment highlights Woodland Dunes State Nature Center and Preserve, an oasis of marshland, swamps, sandy meadows and wooded ridges.

1c. City of Two Rivers Segment

(3 miles)

This segment invites hikers to investigate the Historic Farm Museum, visit the Washington House, or experience Two Rivers’ maritime history at the Historic Rogers Street Fishing Village.

1d. Point Beach Segment

(10 miles)

Start at the north end of Point Beach State Forest and
walk over sand dunes created by wave activity. After passing the Rawley Point Lighthouse and crossing Molash Creek, follow the trail to the shores of Lake Michigan.

2. Silver Lake Park

Quiet lake, no gasoline motors allowed.
Kayak, Canoe, Paddle Board Launch
5904 Calumet Ave.

3. Lower Henry Schuette Park

Kayak, Canoe Launch
3800 Broadway St.

4. Manitou Park

Launch kayaks, canoes, paddleboards
2618 Michigan Ave.

5. Manitowoc Marina

Public Boat Launch
Canoe and Kayak Rental
425 Maritime Drive

Hiking, Biking, Walking, Blading, Jogging …
Beautiful, hard-surfaced recreational 7-mile trail running along Lake Michigan connects the cities of Manitowoc and Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Hiking, Biking, Walking, Blading, Jogging …
The Rawley Point Recreational Trail has a hard-packed limestone base and connects Mariners Trail in Two Rivers with Point Beach State Forest.

This trail is never dull or ordinary, as it has lots of switchbacks and quick turns. There are many quick small hills, and no long climbs or descents. There are a lot of well-built wooden features such as berms, whoops, bridges, and more. Due to being mostly singletrack, the trail is alway ridden in one direction.

The Devil’s River State Trail stretches more than 14 miles, connecting the towns of Denmark, Maribel, Francis Creek and Kossuth in eastern Wisconsin.

Woodland Dunes Kayak launch
3000 Hawthorne Ave
Two Rivers

Woodland Dunes Kayak launch
3000 Hawthorne Ave
Two Rivers

Numerous kayak/canoe and boat launch sites throughout Two Rivers

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