From Red Arrow Park to the Memorial Day Parade, we salute those who are currently serving to those who have served in the past, including those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. We salute the men and women who help keep this the Coolest Coast. 

The Wall That Heals

The Wall that Heals
In 2019, a traveling replica of the Vietnam Wall, known as the Wall that Heals, was displayed at The Manitowoc County Expo.

TAPS, Eternal Flame

Eternal Flame
Dedicated to those who served and died. May their sacrifice forever inspire freedom.
Manitowoc County Veterans Memorial park

N. 18th & Revere Dr. 
Manitowoc, WI 54220
Across from the Eternal Flame

Flag striped candle kite
Rubbing Names on the Wall

Veterans Organizations

AMVETS Post 99

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter we can do it

Rosie the Riveter portrayed by Christine D. Kornely shares fascinating #coolestcoast history during the World War II era. Submarines, Passion Pits, Mirro Aluminum and CusterDale. Did you know all of this? We can do it in Manitowoc!

Red Arrow Park

Veteran Banner and mural Red Arrow Park
Banners and Murals honoring the Red Arrow 32nd Infantry Division at Red Arrow Park, Manitowoc.

Rosie The Riveter

Christine D. Kornely portrays Rosie the Riveter and shares the history of Rosie the Riveter on the Coolest Coast, the 600 women who left their kitchens to become production warriors during WWII.
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