Bird Watching on the Coolest Coast


The Coolest Coast is renowned for many things, one of which being its large number of bird species. The birds (and birdwatchers) come from near and far to visit. Locally, there are several bird-themed clubs, and even a statewide organization: the Wisconsin Society of Ornithology (WSO). According to Woodland Dunes, there have been over 300 different bird species that have been spotted here on the lakefront. 

The primary reason why we have so many types of birds around here is due to there being varied environmental factors which are difficult to replicate elsewhere. For example, we experience all 4 seasons in full, allowing more varied plant life, and by extension, animal life. The Coolest Coast also sits on one of the great lakes, giving more water-based avians a place to live. Wisconsin happens to have many varied biomes, and Woodland Dunes takes advantage of these by having 1200 acres of land which includes forests, plains, marshes, and other smaller biomes. 

All of the aforementioned factors combine to make Manitowoc a desired location for most bird watchers who are looking to see a lot of birds. Woodland Dunes serves as a home for more than local birds though, as many migratory birds use it and the surrounding area as a rest stop on their long journeys. Some of the species that are nigh-exclusive to the Woodland Dunes area are: Little Gulls (which only have nesting records in a select few places in North America), Osprey, Bald Eagles (during winter) and a vast swath of owls. Woodland Dunes happens to be known for their owl population, which includes almost all types of Wisconsinite owl. 

All in all, the Coolest Coast area is home to many different birds species, some of which can rarely be found elsewhere. This, along with the other local attractions, makes Manitowoc a must-see for any serious (or casual) bird watcher. Is it on your bucket list? 

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