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Some of the Coolest Coast’s greatest sights and adventures can be found in the local parks. Thinking of parks may bring to mind a patch of green grass, adorned with a playground, and maybe an outdoor grill or two, if you’re lucky. However, Manitowoc County’s parks are so much more than that. The parks in Manitowoc County are meticulously maintained by passionate departments in the Port Cities, who strive to make the outdoors an exciting and beautiful destination for all. Serving as a doorway to exploration and new experiences, these beloved and maintained destinations demonstrate just what it means to be on the Coolest Coast.

Some landmark destinations include sites such as Lower Cato Falls, Silver Lake, Cherney Maribel Caves, and Walla Hi. Of course, all the parks on the Coolest Coast have their unique opportunities for recreation and more, but if this article spoke about every park open to the public, we’d be here for a while! Locations and other information about the Coolest Coast’s complete collection of parks can be found here.

Burger Boat Park

 Surrounded by idyllic views, walking paths, and incredible Manitowoc history, Silver Lake is a must stop for anybody visiting the Coolest Coast. With water access allowing for ample opportunity for fishing, canoeing, kayaking and other waterfront activities! The Holy Family convent nestled on the lake’s shores contributes to Silver Lake’s involvement in a 150-year history of community, volunteering, and so much more. The other shores of Silver Lake are home to amenities such as picnic areas, playgrounds for children, walking paths, rest stops and more.

Walla Hi, located near Kiel, is yet another perfect location, for hiking, fishing and more! With amenities that blend perfectly into the natural beauty of the local landscape, Walla Hi is a wonderful opportunity to get back in touch with the majestic outdoors. Ample locations and chances for wildlife spotting can be found on the premises, and the area is incredibly popular for avian enthusiasts and other nature watchers! Trails that wind through the kettle moraine landscape provide first hand experience of Wisconsin’s geographical history, and are surrounded by some of the greatest views of Wisconsin’s native wildflowers. To top it all off, Walla Hi is home to public equestrian trails, creating a unique experience for horse riders and lovers alike!

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Lower Cato Falls is the home of, you guessed it, the Lower Cato Falls! A wide expanse of water features marks one of the most popular spots in the park, with excellent fishing opportunities, and picture perfect views of the falls. Hiking trails hug close to the river side, with miniature obstacle courses and paths providing an extra amount of fun. Other features include the frisbee golf course that winds around the entirety of the park, and the grilling and picnicking amenities have been home to many a meal or celebration.

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One of the most unique parks to visit and explore would truly be Cherney Maribel Caves, with miles and miles of caves open to the public. Individuals with all levels of experience are welcome to travel underground, with passages ranging from rooms with 13 foot soaring ceilings, to tight paths that are only navigable by crawling on one’s belly. If staying above ground seems more inviting, there are still plenty of adventures waiting to be found! Off road biking trails add an extra level of intensity to the activity, and plenty of guided tours around the caves and park provides a rich history lesson to join the beautiful scenery.

No matter if it’s the best fishing spots, hiking opportunities, horseback riding, or an underground exploration session, the Coolest Coast has it all! Great pride is taken in managing and maintaining the recreational opportunities found in Manitowoc County, and it shows through the thousands of patrons who utilize these spaces, whether it be for getting out on the water, spending bonding time with family and other furry friends, finding the best picnicking spot, or simply even getting out for a breath of fresh air. It takes special people and special places to make it a reality, and the Coolest Coast has the evidence to prove it!

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